The Program

Colorado Cafè was born of Diego Abatantuono's long-standing love for cabaret in 2002.

The idea was to establish a meeting ground for talented young comedians, allowing them to express themselves and experiment with live comedy under Diego's guidance.

Colorado Cafè, therefore, presents itself as a workshop for budding comedians. Up until November 2004, it offered them a chance to perform live in La Salumeria della Musica, Colorado's original headquarters.

Since September 2003 Colorado Cafè has been featured on Italia 1: late in the evening at first and then – since 2005 – in prime time, with high audience ratings.

In 2010 Colorado Film celebrated the 100th episode of Colorado. Sixteen editions have been broadcast so far.

Over the years, a host of leading comedians have performed on its stage, including ...

The project and programme, a formula developed by Diego Abatantuono together with Piero Crispino and Maurizio Totti, is produced by Colorado Film and 3ZERO2.