The Plot

Written by Giovanni Bognetti  with Alessandro Genovesi, from the Brazilian comedy of 2009, “A Mulher Invisive!” (in movie theaters for over 20 weeks). The film is about the escapades of Guido (Claudio Bisio), romantic dreamer and Literature high school teacher, whose life falls apart when his girlfriend, who he has lived with for years, leaves him for another man. Paolo (Frank Matano),  one of his loafer former students who is now a physical education teacher, is his best friend and will do anything to help him come out of his depression. That is why he calls  his very Milanese parents to Naples, performed by the new couple, Pozzetto-Vanoni. Guido’s life seems to be smiling again, thanks to the encounter with Silvia (Chiara Baschetti), his new neighbor. Silvia is not only very beautiful, but is a sports expert, cheers for the same team he’s a fan of, loves to go around the house in lingerie and appreciates all the small romantic things that Guido loves: bicycle rides, bouquets of flowers, sunsets…. The perfect woman! But does the perfect woman exist?  Our protagonists will have to deal with that question, including the beautiful Giada (Valentina Lodovini), romantic neighbor, secretly in love with Guido.


Director’s notes

What a Lovely Surprise is an “Auto-Truman Show”. The protagonist lives in the most creative part of his mind, the one generated by suffering. The one that, from our point of view,  even somewhat cynically comic, becomes the  most humorous one one. It is a film that tells how much love can hurt, so much as to transform itself in the most absurd thing in the world. The tragedy of the protagonist therefore becomes “comedy” for the spectator. It is situated in a fantastic Naples, almost a cartoon, where everything is so real, it seems fake. The interiors were shot at Cinecittà, where everything that is fake seems real.