The Plot

One father can support one hundred children, but can three children manage to support one father?  Vincenzo is a successful entrepreneur, a widower, who finds himself suddenly alone,  having to take care of three children in their twenties. Matteo, Chiara and Andrea, who represent a real worry for him. His children live a very well to do life, but a senseless one, and above all,   with absolutely no responsibilities. Their daily lives are light-hearted,  far from any duty and the desire to earn their own living. In order to bring them to the real world, Vincenzo leads his children to believe that the family business has  undergone a bankruptcy fraud,  Therefore they are forced to run away like criminals  in hiding. They find refuge in a old run-down family home in Puglia. To survive, Chiara, Matteo and Andrea must start doing something they have never done before… work.